My mustangs life started, according to my marti report way back on 5 dec 1967 and sold on 31 march 1968, colour was highland green ,had a 289-2v engine , 2.79 standard axle ratio and a C-4 Cruis-O-Matic transmision ,it  was built in the san jose factory and sold by COBERLY FORD 4120 S WESTERN STREET ,LOS ANGELES ,CA ,90062. Well a lot has changed since then , I bought her in may  2006 , here is a list of what she had.2bENGINE: Stock 351w (170hp@wheels):

SUSPENSION FRONT Complete RRS coil over struts with rack and pinion power steering. BACK Standard leaf spring with KONI adjustable shock absorbers

BRAKES RRS 4 wheel disc brakes.

Over the years since I have owned her there have been some changes , a more powerful 351w (297hp@wheels)

And a rear diff  ratio  change from the 2.79 single legger to a auburn lsd 3.25 ratio.

A wheel change and  a billet front grill  ,  Steve and Peter from SR PERFORMANCE do all the servicing and tuning on the car which has helped take this beast from a 16.8 on the ¼ mile (first ever pass) to a 12.8@106mph ,In june 2009 I fitted a electronic 4 speed automatic transmission with a lock up converter , which has taken her to another level , cruise speeds are now at 70mph 2100rpm and with a dual calibration set up  allows me to have a street mode , softer shift with lower line pressure and at the flick of a switch , can go to race mode which holds gears longer and shifts harder due to higher line pressures.

Over the last 2 years drag racing finally took its toll and she spun a bearing .3b

THE BIG GUN'S So this is where PROJECT 408 MUSTANG starts And of course who better than SR PERFORMANCE to take on the job.

1st thing is to rip out the old donk , the years have taken its toll on engine bay so it was time for a spruce up. The original 351 block honed up great, and a scat rotating assembly was fitted with SRP forged pistons 11.3.1 comp,topped of with stud girdle  and modified 6 litre sump.

Rotating assembly was balanced and blue printed, clevite bearings fitted, rear block machined to make way for 1 piece rear main seal.

The ported iron heads made way for a set of AFR 205'S.
The air gap manifold and the 750BG were retained from old motor.
The original 1 ¾ then steps up to 1 7/8  extractors  were retained and will accomidate the extra cubes. 
COMP CAM solid roller and roller rockers toped the combination.
Dyno numbers and track data will be posted when available.